"Went Far Beyond Our Expectation" / by Sergej Krivenko

We approached Sergej this year with an idea for a photoshoot in our Mad Hatter Tea Party feature for the Saanichton Corn Maze.

He was instantly excited about the idea and within a day he reached into his network of awesome models and gathered a crew of 8 to truly bring our idea to life. I remember getting texts throughout the day "Alice is in...Mad Hatter is in...Tweedledee and Tweedledum are in, and they are actual twins!" After meeting the models we realized that though most hadn't worked with each other before, they all accepted the call to action because of their respect for both Sergej and his work.

He was so easy to work with and his understanding of our vision and our needs went far beyond our expectation. Our whole experience was nothing but fun, and we cant wait to keep working with him!


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