"Makes You Feel At Ease" by Sergej Krivenko

I am fortunate to know Sergej as a close friend for years and have had the pleasure of having him as a professional photographer. The most defining trait is that he strives to deliver the best product possible for his customers. Not just for the shots he has taken of me, but I have seen how hard he works for anyone who hires him.

I look fondly at the images he took of me. I swear it isn't purely out of vanity that I like these photos -- It is mainly because I remember the good times when and where we shot them. He was able to make me genuinely smile when I didn't feel like it, or somehow managed to get me to keep a straight face when I couldn't stop laughing. He makes you feel at ease and it isn't just because he knew me well; it is because he is both very personable and has a passion for photography.

You will immediately understand when I say he cares about you and the product you desire. Strongly consider 'It's A Thing Imagery' for your photographic needs. Sergej is an amazing artist and will do a wonderful job at what ever you hired him for.

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"Such a Joy To Work With" by Sergej Krivenko

I have the great pleasure of working with Sergej once a month for almost a year now. He is such a joy to work with and our jobs together have become something I look forward to every time.

Not only is he very easy-going, hilarious, and always full of energy (which is critical on Long shoot days). His professionalism, efficiency and deep love for anything to do with the technical aspects of photography makes him insanely knowledgeable and current with equipment/ techniques. He is truly a sweet & genuine human and his passion for adventure and the human experience is evident in his quality of work.

I always leave our shoots with a deeper understanding of photography (who doesn’t appreciate learning new things?!) and
my face hurting from laughing too hard. All that being said, I highly(!) recommend Sergej for any and all your photography needs.

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"Incredible Photos Every Time" by Sergej Krivenko

I had the pleasure of working with Sergej in the past through my agency and I can honestly say I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. Not only do I get incredible photos every time we shoot but we have managed to forge a lasting friendship that will last for years to come. I continue to work with Sergej to this day exploring photography and cinematography in all of its elements. He has inspired me to become a better photographer and I will always look to him for advice when it comes to improving my skills either with a camera, surfboard, or a speargun :)

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"We All Left Feeling Elated" by Sergej Krivenko

I met Sergej through a random candid he took of me at Philips Backyard Weekender. It's one of my favourite candids and the reason I thought of Sergej for a creative project with my best friend and myself. His enthusiasm matched ours and we knew he was the right fit. Shoot day was great, he was organized, excited, and provided fantastic direction. We all left feeling elated. The editing was absolutely everything we envisioned and the result was some pretty incredible photos that reached a HUGE audience. 13/10 amazing .

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