"Makes You Feel At Ease" / by Sergej Krivenko

I am fortunate to know Sergej as a close friend for years and have had the pleasure of having him as a professional photographer. The most defining trait is that he strives to deliver the best product possible for his customers. Not just for the shots he has taken of me, but I have seen how hard he works for anyone who hires him.

I look fondly at the images he took of me. I swear it isn't purely out of vanity that I like these photos -- It is mainly because I remember the good times when and where we shot them. He was able to make me genuinely smile when I didn't feel like it, or somehow managed to get me to keep a straight face when I couldn't stop laughing. He makes you feel at ease and it isn't just because he knew me well; it is because he is both very personable and has a passion for photography.

You will immediately understand when I say he cares about you and the product you desire. Strongly consider 'It's A Thing Imagery' for your photographic needs. Sergej is an amazing artist and will do a wonderful job at what ever you hired him for.

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