About Me


Hey there, I’m Sergej Krivenko; a photographer with a passion for sharing experiences with the world.

A little about me: I’ve been a photographer for over a decade now. It’s something I can never picture myself discontinuing because of all the experiences it has brought to me. It’s how I’ve met so many amazing people and captured some of the most breathtaking moments I can remember. I love the stories photography can tell behind where the photos were taken, what was happening, and what lead to getting to there. It’s a part of who I am; it’s a part of my story. I’ve also started doing videography recently. It’s been an entertaining challenge as there’s more than just a single image to represent a story — it’s a full visual narrative.

Life is all about storytelling, and I would love to help you create and share your story! Your story is what helps define you. It’s a chronicle or your life’s experiences and the moments you cherish. Let’s work together to develop the imagery you’d need to get you to help you remember those special moments you couldn’t go without, to get you on the path to your success, or to improve on what you’ve already created.

My galleries are a testament to sharing such stories. What you’ll find there are images of that first kiss as husband and wife. You’ll see photos of people displaying their best selves. You’ll feel the energy behind the shows musicians pour their hearts and souls into. You’ll realize that a family of three is actually awaiting the arrival of their fourth member, and what you won’t see are the memories I helped create by capturing that arrival. Life has so much to offer - what I’d love to do for you is create the imagery associated to those memories, those success stories, and of your growth.

Whatever your thing is, I want to be there to help you create that story. That’s why I named my business “It’s A Thing Imagery,” because if it’s a thing you love, it’s a thing that deserves the imagery to go along with it.

I’m looking forward to working together with you. Let’s collaborate to tell your story!